The movie Goodnight and Good Luck focused on CBS news star Edwin R. Murrow who was transforming from a radio icon to the new medium of television in the early 1950s.

One of the songs from the movie, “TV Is the Thing This Year,” sung by Dianne Reeves, says, “Radio is great, but it is out of date, TV is the thing this year.”

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Covid-19 comes to town.  The Pandemic forces a transformation on how and where we work.  Video conferencing is not new technology, but video skills were not considered an essential part of a leader’s tool kit. 

Well, it is now.  From leadership meetings to finding a job, video – TV – is now built into so many facets of business.  You cannot afford NOT to master video to build your business or advance your career. 

In tomorrow’s video post I will give you an example of how I use videos for Strategic Networking.

We teach our clients how to use videos in communicating, from Strategic Networking on LinkedIn to connecting with prospective employers. It is a tool that can help you avoid those frustrating ATS bots with improved Strategic Networking.

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