When I was growing up, The  DREADED  Conversation for fathers and sons or mothers and daughters was a three-letter dirty word: 

S E X, otherwise known in polite company as the “birds and the bees.”

Today, many parents have thrown up their hands on THAT issue, but couples should have a critical conversation before marrying.  It is a talk that might prevent a divorce.  It is THE conversation regarding a harsh, gnarly six-letter word:  C A R E E R.

Society’s expectations for men and women are different.  I think that is total BS, but it does exist, and career-minded young women and men, especially women, who do not thrash out these issues before marriage might find themselves in bitter, gut-wrenching divorce because of an incredible dream job offer years down the road.

Please talk this over before you say I do.  Typically, it will not work itself out later.

Trust me on this one; been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

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