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If you’ve got a minute, I will tell you why you should never ever use a resume template.  

Applicant tracking systems do not like templates.  The embedded code that makes the template look so appealing to you can confuse the ATS bots, and when they get confused, your resume probably will be eliminated, and you will never know why.

So here are three things you should consider to outfox your competitors:

  1. When submitting online, use a plain text format.  Yeah, I know.  It is NOT sexy, but ATS  systems do not care. 
  2. Once you make it to a recruiter, offer them an updated version. Now you have their email, and they will have an attractive version of your resume to circulate to the hiring authority.
  3. Once you have their email, you can use BombBomb to follow up with brief video emails.

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