Stop! If you want to land the job of your dreams, you must step up, change the way you interview, and become a good storyteller.

A job interview is more than you answering questions.  It is an opportunity for you to use stories to frame who you are, your experience, and your record of accomplishment.

Former President Ronald Reagan once told his Sec of State George Schultz to use a story in an important foreign policy speech.

“That’s the most important point,” President Reagan explained. Adding a relevant story will “engage your audience.  That way, you’ll appeal not only to their minds but to their emotions.” 

A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust.

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  1. The job market is one big hot mess.  Competition for good jobs is beyond intense — there are dozens if not hundreds applying for each position. New technology is making a tough process more challenging.
  2. We understand your frustrations. As a former executive recruiter, I know how the process works and, unfortunately, how it can be inconsiderate of the applicants.
  3. We have a successful record of guiding executives to find their next better job in tough economic times. We help executives tell their story — about their experience, success or setbacks — more effectively.
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