A career is not, and never should be, just about the money. A career should include a love affair with ideas and a commitment to serving others, regardless of what path you choose.

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly going to be different this year. Instead of being frustrated or even angry with events out of our control and with the public health experts who are understandably concerned about a rapid expansion of the Covid virus, let’s use the time to reflect on the future, our futures.

There will be many months of continued social distancing, work from home requirements, and uncertain economic times. Still, throughout all of this, I believe there will be real opportunities for innovation and the development of new ideas that will yield improved quality and efficiency. Some of these ideas will lead to the development of viable businesses.

Here is a significant Thanksgiving moment:  there will be an untold number of situations in which to embrace new ideas and serve others for the greater good. Do not pass up the chance to seize the moment to enhance your story. 

You are the CEO of your life and your career. What kind of CEO will you be?

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