READ TIME: One Minute

If you are starting a new job today, congratulations. It is an outstanding achievement to win a position in such a highly competitive employment market at a time when a devastating pandemic continues to rage, and layoffs are ongoing and probably will increase.

Here are four ideas you should take to work with you on that first day.

  1. Feel grateful, not entitled. You need to demonstrate, from day one, that you will do what it takes to earn your employer’s continued confidence — results matter. Do not take anything for granted. Remember, this is not just about you.
  2. “Mind how you go.” That is a British phrase that means be self-aware regarding the people and politics that are part of every organization.  Be friendly but sensitive to alliances — supporters and those who may see you as a threat, whether real or imagined. Do not discount the latter. 
  3. Find a mentor within the organization.  Be subtle but do your homework. A mentor, someone successful in the organization for several years, can help you avoid any political or PR missteps. 
  4. Be willing to adapt, be a team player.  These are both vital soft skills that companies value but remember results matter.