Unless you hated your boss and couldn’t wait to get away from the jerk, grieving is a normal part of getting fired or laid off, so don’t mistakenly think you are a superhuman and attempt to avoid this vital part of the process of looking for your next job.

Consider grieving job one!

You also must come to grips with is this: there are more than 14 million Americans at all levels of the workforce actively looking for work. In industries like healthcare, retail, and publishing, it may seem like most of America’s unemployed are applying for every job you are. So, once you get through the five or seven steps of grief, there are some necessary next steps to take to help you navigate this very crowded job market.

Here are five steps you should take when beginning your job search:

  1. You must develop a job search strategy. Finding a job is like having a full-time job, and the plan is integral to success.
  2. Revisit your vision statement to see if your end vision and goals are still relevant.
  3. Update or create a Value Brand Statement (VBS). The VBS replaces the outdated “elevator speech.” Being able to enunciate your experience and successes in a way that connects with the needs of a potential employer is what it is all about.
  4. Be disciplined. There are probably going to be tasks in a job search you would prefer not to do, but in a crowded, noisy job market, you cannot afford that luxury. Making excuses for not doing some of the essential things is a great way to slow down your search.
  5. Establish a daily routine. This is another common mistake that job seekers frequently make. Do not prolong what can be a painful experience — finding your next job.

Planning, discipline, establishing a routine, clarifying your vision statement, and mastering your VBS will help you accelerate the time it takes to get back to work.

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