What is the missing element for so many executives who are struggling to find their next better job?

One word:  enthusiasm. 

Enthusiasm is the infectious energy that powers many positive aspects of who we are as well as what we can become.


Through the years I have interviewed hundreds of successful leaders.  Many credit their enthusiasm for work, learning, and advancement for their success.  When asked from whence their enthusiasm comes, most offered a similar explanation:  it begins and ends with gratitude.

These successful executives stressed that their daily routines include time for reading and reflection.  They take inventory of that for which they are grateful, from their families and faith to the work they do and the people they do it with.  

Gratitude begins where the feeling of entitlement ends.

Author unknown

Enthusiasm requires fuel to survive.  Gratitude is that fuel.  Great leaders say they begin each day with a thoughtful, prayerful reflection on their life as well as the day’s challenges. 

Most importantly, they write down those things for which they are grateful.  Writing them down in their journal makes it real, more than a passing sentiment to be forgotten later in the day.

What a wonderful way to start a day.