Britt Chittum, a business evangelist/consult from the Detroit metro on Monday posted the following thought for the day on LinkedIn:

(Source: unknown, non attributed)

When you are 30 you say, no problem, I have plenty of time.  When you are 40, same song with a few gray hairs.  At 50 you think, I had better get busy but… 

Then at 60, you announce, for the for first time, out loud, the guess-work number of the useful years that you may have left. 

At 70, you realize that your ability to do some really interesting stuff is now seriously limited by time and if your list is long, you may not complete it. 

So for all of you bullet-proof 30-year-olds and graying but smug 40 year-olds, do not waste a single day.  You will find there is more to do in life than you will ever have time for.   But it is never too late to start.