By John G. Self, Guiding Executives To Find Their Next Better Job

Today’s job market is flooded with people who are looking for the key that will guarantee success.   From early careerists to seasoned executives, they are frustrated because, despite all their best efforts, they cannot land a job. Everything they know to do no longer seems to work.


There is no one single “key” to success. Executives who do well navigating this very competitive job market excel in the following areas:

  1. They have mastered their Value Brand Statement.
  2. They have developed a daily job search routine as if finding a job is a full-time job.
  3. They have constructed a resume format that allows them to easily customize it to address the specific position requirements of every job they pursue.
  4. They are aggressively building a strategic network with regular get acquainted calls with new contacts/“network” members from LinkedIn or personal networking efforts.
  5. They have learned how to tailor their “storytelling” to make their job interviews more meaningful and memorable. 

If you are struggling with your job search, the chances are you are also struggling with one or more of these “keys” to success.  Now is the time to master these essential job search components.  These are tools you will need for the remainder of your career.