Recently I had a chance encounter with a former colleague. We had not seen each other in years but that did not stop him from getting right to the point. “I need help. Would you please help me?”

He lost his job as the result of a merger. His performance was above average and he was well liked. However, there was another executive with similar experience but more seniority and the human resources department protected the concept of seniority over performance.

”I’m lost. Everything about looking for a job has changed in the last seven years. I feel like I’m looking across a canyon and I can’t find my way across.”

There is almost always a path that will take you to the other side even when the old familiar routes are closed and your maps are out of date. The secret is to find a guide who knows the terrain and who will take the time to personally show you how to navigate the new trails. That is what guides do. They help show you the way.