Producer’s Note: John is taking a break from our weekly video blog today. He will return next Wednesday. This video blog first appeared in 2017.

We have all made mistakes in our careers. For some they may have been career ending but for most of us, the mistakes we made are simply great learning opportunities. So, do not try to run away from them in a job interview.

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For every one of us who has been in the job market there are questions that we would like to avoid. What your weaknesses? What are your strengths — yes, believe it or not, people are sometimes uncomfortable with that one. And then there is this one: What has been your biggest mistake in your career? When that is asked I have seen CEO candidates twitch so much I thought perhaps they were trying out to be a contortionist in the circus.

Don’t run. Remember, the people who are asking the questions are fellow mistake makers. Prepare in advance, briefly describe what happened and then, with a smile and a positive tone, talk about the lessons learned and how the experience made you a better leader.

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