A cheerleader is the person who understands the importance of nurturing and encouraging a friend, colleague or spouse to reach new heights of success.

Take Aways

“Cheerleaders” play an integral role in improving personal performance

Respect for your “cheerleader” is important

Not everyone is cut out to be a “cheerleader”

People who need “cheerleaders” to succeed are NOT failed executives

Companies that understand the role of “cheerleaders” thrive

John G. Self

Our mothers picked us up, dusted us off, gave us a hug and encouraged us, frequently with an admonition to keep trying,  “I believe in you.  You can do it.  You are amazing”

Having a Cheerleader Can Improve Performance, Job Satisfaction for Executives

We all need — OK, many of us need —a cheerleader in our lives, that person who can instill confidence and promote enthusiasm from which comes success.  They come in many personas — a boss, a colleague, a friend, a spouse, a mentor or an executive coach.  These cheerleaders play an incredibly important role in our lives, for those of us who need it.  They punch the button of self confidence.  We respond with enthusiasm, a burst of energy and a determination to do the deal, to go the extra mile, to win the hearts and minds of our customers.  A smart cheerleader creates an incredible urge to succeed.

Having a Cheerleader You Respect Is Critical

The smart cheerleaders are the driving behind-the-scenes power and motivation that propels an executive or an entire company to success.

For those who need a cheerleader, not having one can push you into a lonely and frustrating existence.  Not having a cheerleader prompts a search for affirmation, recognition, someone who believes you can do the job. That search can be wearing. It can damage your brand and can lead to depression and, ultimately, to subpar performance.

Executives who are propelled to greater success with a cheerleader’s support all say that the cheerleader responsible for their success was someone they loved or respected.

Not Everyone Is Cut Out To Be A Cheerleader

Now this important note: Not everyone is qualified to be a cheerleader. Hoping that someone you love or respect can fill that role but it is not in their DNA can lead to much frustration.

Executives Who Need Cheerleaders Are Not Failed Leaders

People who need cheerleaders are not failed executives.  Quite the contrary.  Frequently they are the difference between the success or failure of an organization.  They are the individuals who are passionate about the company, its product(s) or services and who will work tirelessly to convince customers with their passion. They are on the front lines of that painful line between success and failure.  They face the setbacks, the failures with the biting disappointment of being out maneuvered by the competition.  When they suffer the setbacks, having a cheerleader is so important, someone who will pick them up, dust them off with words of encouragement — and belief —  and propel them back to front line, into the market, to do battle. 

Joy Of Being A Cheerleader

The process of a job search can be long and painful, filled with disappointment.   One of things I enjoy the most about career transition coaching is being that cheerleader.

Do not be afraid to embrace that role.  Your authentic words of encouragement, your support and your belief typically will energize your colleague  to find the path to greater success.

What an amazing reward.

John G. Self

Career Transition:  We Are Your Cheerleader for Success

Leading an executive back to employment and fulfillment is more than just a strategically sound curriculum template with knowledgable coaching.  You need an experienced executive coach, not some contract navigator, who can help you craft a new vision and rekindle your fires of self confidence and belief  

That is what we do.  

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