In a recent course on interviewing skills I led for senior executives at a national healthcare conference I shared one of career management’s interesting little ironies, that talent acquisition departments in companies across America are being taken over by… Millennials. Yes, that generation that Baby Boomers like to criticize for their values, work habits and unreasonable expectations, to name a few, now hold the keys to the candidate screening kingdom.

Communications Strategies

The irony is that Baby Boomers, many of whom remain in the job market, will have to modify their attitude regarding Millennials along with their communications strategies on how they plan to get the attention of the Millennial recruiter to be considered for a job.


Impact on Job Seekers

Have you thought about how this generational change will impact your career management plan? Waiting until you are laid off due to a merger or an expense reduction strategy will be too late.

Job seekers now need to update their communications tools to be effective with strategic networking as well as when they zero in on a specific career opportunity in this ever-changing landscape.

If your social media knowledge is limited, or non-existent, and there is even the remotest chance you could lose your current position, the best advice I can offer is to find a career advisor who understands how this generational change is altering the world of recruiting/talent acquisition.

John G. Self is an executive recruiter and career management advisor with a depth of experience in strategic networking and interviewing skills.