To journal, or not to journal, that really shouldn’t even be a question for executives and others who rank their careers as a high priority.  Of course you should! 

So, today I am returning to one of my favorite subjects.  Why?  Well that is as easy a question as the first:  because the three worst words you can utter in an interview are “I don’t remember.”  Well,Ok maybe they are the second worst three words in an executive interview behind the worst five words: “I can explain those felonies.”  But I digress.


There are several reasons I am such a strong proponent for executives to keep a professional journal:

  1. Our memories about our successes and, yes, failures, are not as good as we think they are.  Long pauses, stammering and stuttering answers, detract from your brand image and diminishes your standing against other candidates who are better prepared.
  2. You can miss opportunities to strengthen your answers and come across as someone who commands attention to details.  
  3. Executives who keep a journal and review past experiences and lessons learned from days gone by are significantly better in interviews than those executives who do not. They do a better job selling themselves.

I could go on but if these three reasons are not sufficient, then there is not much else I can say except good luck in your next job search in what is becoming a more challenging job market.

However, if you want to know how to improve your brand and your ability to compete for that dream job, email me, CareerTransitions@JohnGSelf.Com