This is my first blog for 2018. With this post I begin my 12th year writing about career management, leadership, developments in the healthcare industry as well as those things that irritate me like airlines, airports and people who are serially inconsiderate of others. The latter, I am afraid, could overwhelm this space if I were so inclined given how bad inappropriate behavior seems to be escalating throughout the nation.

There are more than 1,000 blog posts in our archive. Most are written posts on career management and leadership, two intrinsically linked subjects. You can find our podcast archive there as well. Click the blog button in the navigation bar and enter the subject in the search dialog box. Our video posts can be found on my YouTube page.

Posting twice a week is a lot of work, especially for someone with a very demanding day job. A couple of years ago I was posting three-times a week but with the addition of the podcast on Wednesdays and the career management videos on Saturday, we cut it back to twice weekly. That amount of content creation eats into my spare time, keeping me off the streets and out of disreputable bars where adult beverages are sold and consumed.

As 2018 begins, I want to share some of our plans for the year. We will continue the blog and the podcast as well as the career management videos, aka: the written blog posts of the future. There will be two major content releases, one in January and the other in the later spring. The January release is of my first book, an eBook on executive recruiting, a do-it-your-self guide for governing boards or CEOs who feel that bringing executive recruiting internally will be a good way to reduce costs. The book, entitled “Executive Recruiting: A Guide For Boards and Senior Executives”, is a definitive step-by-step roadmap to one of the most successful search processes in the industry. It is the program we have used for 20 years with exceptional results. In CEO searches we have never had a miss-hire. This is why we have confidently offered a three-year placement guarantee, one of the best in the healthcare search business, since 1998.

Even if you are not contemplating making executive recruiting an “inside job”, this book will provide executives in the job market with a rare look into the inner workings of how executive recruiting works.

The book will be available, free of charge, on our website the third week of January.

In the spring, our long-overdue resume guide will be released.

Finally, as the average age of our subscribers trends to the Millennial cohort, we will increase the frequency of the video blogs. Video posts are the wave of the future I am reliably told, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to stay ahead of the communication wave! More on that later as I sort through our content strategy with my very talented social media strategist.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2018!

If you anticipate a layoff or termination, contact Career Transitions for information on how our dynamic outplacement model will help you expedite your job search. Email us: CareerTransitions@JohnGSelf.Com.