Editor’s Note: John posted today from Clarksville, AR where he is completing a CEO search for Johnson Regional Medical Center.

CLARKSVILLE, Arkansas — If you are a candidate preparing for a job interview, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why would anyone want to work for me?
  • Why would anyone want to follow me?
  • Why would anyone want to hire me?

candidateadjusrting-tie-shutterstock_380898682If you answer these questions thoughtfully and honestly, you will dramatically improve your chances of advancing in the search.

There are two reasons you should ask yourself these questions (and write down your answers):  First, they will force you to look critically  at yourself, and secondly, how you answer these questions — with the aid of your written responses — will enable you to develop focused, sharp verbal answers. 

The key to success with this little exercise is to be honest with yourself.  Many candidates answer these questions with an abundance of cliché and the latest popular industry lingo.  The problem with that is that I have heard it so many times before and it does nothing to open the door to they really are.  Authenticity is a valuable coin to have for a job interview.

People who are not honest with themselves on these three critical truth-telling questions are typically ineffective leaders. 

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