How to dress for an interview, once a non-issue, is now a bit more complicated with the rise in the number of senior executives in casual attire and the emergence of Skype/FaceTime and video conference interviews.

The TV factor – actually the video factor – makes wardrobe selection a trickier proposition during a job interview because how one appears on camera versus sitting across the desk in person can be present two very different views.

Here are four guidelines for candidates to consider when assembling the clothes they plan to wear to the interview.

  1. Wear business suit/attire in which you feel most comfortable, an outfit that flatters you and boosts your confidence. A Photos Libraryconfident candidate, like a well-prepared candidate, will almost always perform better in an interview.
  1. It is better to overdress in traditional business attire than to miss the mark and underdress. A candidate wearing business attire when everyone else is wearing slacks and a golf shirt or a more casual skirt and blouse with casual footwear will receive less criticism for their wardrobe choice that the candidate who is dressed casually while everyone else is in business formal. Even if the client insists on casual attire, I would not go less than a sports coat and slacks for a male and a dressier casual outfit for a woman.
  2. If the interview will be on Skype, FaceTime or videotape, candidates should be careful in selecting suits, ties, shirts, blouses, and accessories. Being sensitive to video optics is critical. Video interviews can be a powerful tool that helps a candidate provided they know how to use the medium. Candidates should avoid an outfit that best can be described as having the monochrome look because it can deaden a candidate’s “sparkle” – their image on the screen.
  1. The shoes you wear and their condition does not always go unnoticed. I once heard a female board member brutally criticize a very qualified executive because her fingernail polish was chipped and there were scuff marks on her shoes. Another board member commented that a male candidate’s shoes were not polished, he had a hole in his soul, his hair unruly and then wondered what that meant when it came to being precise and paying attention details.

Candidates are typically adept at mastering the big issues about their job search but in this competitive market, they need to be conscious of the little issues as well. If you do find yourself thinking you need to upgrade your interview wardrobe at all, you can look online for a macys promo code to save some money on something smart.