Happy New Year! Many of us are hoping for a prosperous new year. Many of us are glad the holidays are over as they can be full of stress, such as travel, related expenses, meeting expectations and accepting disappointments. Some of you reading this are unhappy in your jobs, or you are in transition looking for your next opportunity. There’s a lot of challenging news on the television like the stock market, Middle East, 2nd amendment arguments, campaign discussions, terrorism.

Stress is a killer. Many people are trying to find alternative ways in helping to calm it down, either through medical marijuana, or related resources such as Amuse, to get them through particularly stressful periods that their doctor has prescribed them. Many of us have a set of principles, expectations, and thought patterns that increase our anxiety. Some of us cannot get out of the pitfalls of anxiety without the tools provided at a website like that can be used with medical marijuana, etc. As a counselor and a person dedicated to assisting others in not only their career search objectives but also in empowering them to think positive, I thought this list of Western culture modes of thinking could be appropriate. Here’s the dirty dozen.

  1. We must be loved by everyone and we need approval of all we do. This thinking contributes to insecurity and less self-direction. Be true to yourself.
  1. We must be thoroughly competent, adequate, and intelligent in all possible respect. We all make mistakes. We all experience failure at some point. Enjoy what you achieve.
  1. Certain acts are wrong but the world doesn’t care. How we view an act and let it affect us makes the difference.
  1. We spend too much energy trying to make things the way we would like them to be. Letting go of needing to control everything is to let you stop worrying about what you don’t have and enjoy what you do have. Do the best you can do. That’s good enough.
  1. Unhappiness is the result of external events that are forced on us and we have no control over. Actually, 99% of the unhappiness we experience comes from worry and what we say to ourselves.
  1. We should be concerned about dangerous and fearful things and center our thinking on them. Again, worry is a waste of time.
  1. It is easier to avoid difficulties and responsibilities in life than to face them. The way to feel better is to work through difficulties and be at peace.
  1. We need someone or something stronger than ourselves to rely on. Some dependency on others is simply human. Too much dependency increases your insecurity.
  1. Because something greatly influenced us in the past, it must determine our present behavior. We can learn from our past and let go, and then we can continue to grow and learn.
  1. What other people do is vitally important to us and we make an effort to change them to be what we want them to be. Tolerance and patience are virtues that support harmony. You can’t change anyone.
  1. There is one perfect solution to a problem. Over analysis leads to paralysis.
  2. One has no control over his/her emotions. We can learn to not to be controlled by our emotions.

Make your new year’s resolution a positive one. It’s not too late. Believe in yourself. If you have any of these tendencies, pick one and eliminate it.