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This is a most unusual Christmas — shorts and rain coats versus wool pants and snow shoes.  In Connecticut!  But regardless of the weather, or the politically charged reasons for this weird, unseasonably warm Christmas holiday in places normally covered by snow, there is much to be thankful for.

lifeIt has been a good year for our Firm.  Dr. Laura Merker, RN, joined us as Managing Director of our East Coast practice.  She is based in New York City and Connecticut.  Laura is a seasoned healthcare executive with years of experience as a talented nursing executive, a hospital turnaround consultant, and division president of a major healthcare services firm.  She is already hard at work on several important projects.

Laura Mlcak-Griffith, the other Laura, joins us initially as a researcher in the Detroit region.  Laura has extensive healthcare experience in clinic management and operations support.  She supports the other Laura with project research and candidate screening.  We expect great things from Laura.

Meanwhile, it seems like only yesterday that Joe Boxer joined us as executive producer of our video operations, which includes editing candidate interview videos that we share with our clients.  He produces our video blogs, a feature that will become more common in 2016.  Finally he is our trusted technical guru for all things Apple.  Actually, Joe has been associated with the Firm for more than three years.  It has been a great relationship.

Jessica Gregory in Houston has led the research and screening for searches in Texas and on the East Coast, including Washington, DC.  Her work included recruitment of candidates for Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Nursing Officer engagements.  Thank you for your cheerful, positive attitude when in the toughest of tough recruitment challenges.

Nancy Swain, who leads our executive transition practice, the behavior and values assessments for candidates and clients and leadership coaching, has done some outstanding work helping evaluate candidates as well conducting executive coaching sessions and onboarding workshops for JGS+P.  It is doubly nice to work with Nancy because of her exceptional depth of knowledge, keen insights and her rock solid friendship.  We have known each other for a long time.  In fact it has been so long neither of us can remember how long it has been.  We do remember who introduced us and we are forever grateful to that kind soul.

Dennis Bridges, who came with me from my prior search firm, is a document editor.  This is not a particularly romantic part of the search process but he is always at the ready and never complains — well almost — about surprise last-minute projects or changes in priorities.  He has the patience of Job and the heart of a lion.

Finally, but certainly not the least, comes Becky Pearce, who has become an indispensable part of this Firm’s logistics operations.  She is a capable assistant, talented social medial guru, and project manager extraordinaire.  She also coordinates our accounting resources.  She is a valued friend and a trusted advisor.

I mention their names in this space because I want you to know who these terrific people are and that they make my work life so enjoyable.

The career advice for today is simple:  if you ever get a chance to do something about which you are passionate, with talented people who you admire and respect, by all means do it.

Don’t worry, and don’t let your “be realistic” voice deter you from pursuing your dream.  There are certainly challenges and tough, worrisome days, but the good ones make it all worthwhile.

Thank you to my wonderful team for making this journey such a pleasure.

Editor’s Note:  Friday is Christmas.  There will be no blog post.  John will post again on Monday, Dec. 28.  Merry Christmas everyone.