As we prepare for Thanksgiving — America’s greatest holiday — we should pause, or at least slow down, and think about what this day really means.  

iStock_000021277418XSmallThanksgiving is our greatest holiday because it is celebrated by everyone, of every faith.  There is not the frenetic partying or overspending on gifts that has become such a part of Christmas.  There is no standing in long lines, no cutting people off for the only available parking spot in three miles of the mall, or no raging heartburn because this year’s hot fad gift is sold out for all of eternity. 

Thanksgiving is special because it reminds us that hope, thanksgiving and kindness for those who are less fortunate is what holds us together as a society. 

Throughout America, in communities large and small, there are groups working to help those in need.  We should be thankful that we can share.   

It will make your Thanksgiving a better day.