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One of the most commonly repeated complaints of top performing hospital CEOs:  How do some mediocre leaders land great jobs? 

“I have done a great job – my board is happy, our balance sheet is in great shape, our community service and retained earnings are at all-time highs and the physicians keep telling me what a great job I have done.  But I never get calls from recruiters,” is a quote that sums up the feelings of dozens of hospital executives who would like to move up to a larger, more challenging operation. “What am I doing wrong?”

Self promotion – they are not doing it.

The truth is that far too many recruiters are less than curious.  It is easier and quicker to reach into a grab bag database for a list of executives whose names clients may recognize – which is to say candidates who will be “safe” recommendations.  All too often, the candidate’s reputation and verifiable best-in-breed performance are not connected.

Doing a great job – even a spectacular job – is no guarantee that search firms or employers will know your name and beat a path to your door.  That is why the concept of effective professional brand management IS critical to achieving career goals.

Executives who are unable or unwilling to invest the time to burnish their professional brand and reputation by social personal marketing and social media strategies will find themselves limited and frustrated as deficit reduction generated transformation of the healthcare industry reduces the number of attractive career growth opportunities.

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