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Success of a brand-name customer service/satisfaction initiative is not based on which pricey program a healthcare organization buys, but the commitment, the passion and the skills of the Chief Executive Officer.

Healthcare organizations looking for the magic silver bullet, should understand that it does not exist.  

Quint Studer was a very successful President of Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, not because of some template or costly consulting package.  No, he succeeded because of his commitment, his drive and deep understanding of common sense leadership principles. There is nothing magical about his very popular approach, or of those promoted by his able competitors.  They provide a solid framework for cultural transformation.  But without a strong CEO, no army of cosultants can produce an environement that fosters clinical excellence, patient safety and exceptional patient satisfaction scores.  

There is no substitute — none whatsoever — for a dynamic leader who can craft and communicate their vision, and who can successfully build a strong leadership TEAM that, day in and day out, delivers exceptional results.  

If you need to believe that there is a silver bullet, then there it is — hard work and personal involvement by the CEO.

© 2011 John Gregory Self

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