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"I can make the hard decisions."  

So many candidates make that claim in this hyper-competitive job market.  Yet once employed and comfortable in the corner office, far too many of  these  leaders base their decisions on the defensive posture that is more about how to keep the job versus how to be successful in doing the job.

Later today I will post an article on a new approach to talent acquisition called  transformational recruiting, detailing how this approach will produce better results and value for clients by reducing long-term recruiting and retention costs. 

How does recruiting concept fit with Onboarding?

Transformational recruiting, unlike the hit-and-miss results that we see in transactional recruiting,  
George Bradt
 is based on the principles of Total Onboarding that George Bradt and his colleague Mary Vonnegut set out in their wonderful book Onboarding.

Making the hard decisions — and then executing well — is so important in defining what makes a leader successful.  In order to do these things, you must have the best people and invest in making them better.  A recruiting program that is not based on Onboarding is transactional and outdated in this new normal economy.

Read More on George's blog.

Onboarding Decisions.

Onboarding Decisions

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