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So many leaders are now talking about onboarding. 

Why? Because it has become the new fad.  Far too many executives are looking for the “silver bullet” answer to their human capital challenges, and they grabbed this because it is a talent acquisition process — a way of life — that really works.   

However, there is a problem with treating a winning idea as a fad.   Many companies are just fine-tuning their pre-employment and first-day orientation process and calling it “onboarding.”   That is decidedly NOT what onboarding is about.  Companies will ultimately dump the fad because it does not produce the be all, end all results they envisioned.  Besides, they will argue, it is more costly and there is no real return on investment.  

Enjoy George Bradt’s blog.  He is a true visionary on this subject.

Who is in charge of onboarding?