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Making Quality Of Care A Priority

2 January, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
America’s healthcare model does not consistently produce high quality.  In fact, the evidence suggests that this is a massively complex problem that is getting bigger.  Quality of care is shaped by so many variables— literally millions of habits, interactions, poor processes and practices, as well as an industrywide culture that seems to accept significant lapses […] Read more»

Long on Control, Short on Vision

28 December, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
Many healthcare organizations are long on control, short on vision. Almost everyone has a vision statement, but that vision statement is rarely discussed and most employees have no idea what it says, nor do they care.  It is not part of the day-to-day life of taking care of patients, running a department, making the numbers. […] Read more»

Danger by the Bed

19 September, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
Many parents will identify with this story: You are sound sleep, your back turned to the edge of the bed.  Suddenly you are awakened with a sense of dread that something really bad is standing beside you.  Something really scary.  There is that split second of fear when you roll over to confront the danger. […] Read more»