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Saying You Are Perfect for a Job Doesn’t Make It So

8 April, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
Allowing yourself to believe, or say out loud, “I am perfect for that position,” particularly if you do not understand what exactly it is they are looking for, is to invite insult upon injury. When recruiters hear or read the "I am perfect for this job” comment they usually roll their eyes right before hitting the delete button. Read more»

Think About You: 7 Things to Consider When Working From Home

7 April, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
There will be times when you feel like you have been overloaded with lemons. As the CEO of You, you can take control and make that lemonade. Read more»

As Company’s Announce Layoffs, Furloughs Time to Prepare for Recovery Is Now

1 April, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
The furloughs and layoffs have begun. Retail is leading the way as neighborhood shops and department stores across much of the country are shutting down either in abundance of caution or governmental order.  The unemployment numbers are staggering.  Not in modern history has  the US economy, and most of the rest of the world, shut […] Read more»