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John is an executive recruiter & speaker sharing his thoughts on healthcare, recruiting, digital technology, career management & leadership. 

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Career Management

8 ‘Soft’ Interview Questions Applicants MUST Master

1 February, 2018 Posted by John G. Self
Job candidates cannot show up to an interview, develop answers to questions on the fly, and expect to succeed, especially when it comes to the so-called softball questions they should be able to hit out of the ballpark. Preparation by candidates, which recruiters say is lacking, is a major reason otherwise qualified executives are not […] Read more»

The Decline In Candidate Soft Skills & Questions You Should Kill [PODCAST]

31 January, 2018 Posted by John G. Self
LISTEN ON iTUNES Hello. I am John Self and welcome to SelfPerspective, a weekly podcast with information, insight and inspiration to help you manage your career. Today, two big career management topics: First, we will look at the deterioration of the soft skills that candidates bring to the table. One in three recruiters say there […] Read more»

Still Don’t Believe People Lie On Their Resumes? 

25 January, 2018 Posted by John G. Self
Reporting on a recent executive recruiting snafu by a high visibility organization should provide job candidates with a cautionary tale about resume exaggeration, especially if you have to resubmit your resume three times to correct verifiable errors. According to news reports, here is what happened: He said he worked for a law firm as a […] Read more»