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14 July, 2018 Posted by John G. Self Posted in Career Management, Career Transition/Outplacement
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Layoffs Are Increasing: Getting Prepared to Enter the Job Market

Posted July 14th, 2018 | Author: John G. Self

Layoffs in health systems, hospitals and other provider organizations are becoming more common.  

While the broader economy has improved and the unemployment rate is at near record lows, the situation in health care is very different.  After years of consolidation there are fewer jobs executive and management positions.  The competition for the available positions is significant.  Senior executives say that they are getting serious consideration in only four or five search opportunities in a year.  That means you have to be ready.

Are you prepared?   Today’s video blog explores steps you can take to be ready if a decision is made to eliminate your position. We talk about the value of getting help from an outplacement or career transition coach to help you navigate the job search minefield.  

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