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If you are considering taking advantage of today’s white-hot job market for a higher salary, better benefits, or a more favorable work culture, now is the time to tap the breaks.

“So Why Postpone Leaving Your Toxic Job Now?”


So why postpone leaving your toxic job now?  

With millions of workers quitting their jobs every month and most quickly finding new ones, the Great Resignation will probably come to an abrupt end.

  1. First, the Fed Reserve has a tricky balancing act – cut inflation without tanking the economy.
  2. Second, companies that were all in to accommodate post-pandemic market demand will overreact when the economy slows. 
  3. Third, most use the outdated “last in, first out” method for selecting which workers will be laid off.  Just look what happened at Tesla.  In the first weeks at the company, some new hires were unceremoniously kicked to the street.

Now is the time to be cautious.