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PRODUCER’S NOTE:  Today’s employment market is favorable for job seekers, or so it would seem.  But the competition for senior management and executive roles remains competitive, especially in industries experiencing disruption in their business model.  Today John provides give steps to take if you are sacked or laid off.  

A former colleague called. He was about to get the sack.

With the Great Resignation continuing, losing a job in a market flooded with companies trying to hire workers seems a big to-do about nothing. Many have and will continue to land a new job, most making more money with better benefits.  

But not everyone. The competition for senior managers and executives is competitive.

Here are five steps to take if the ax has fallen or a layoff is imminent:

  1. Do not sign a severance agreement without a clause covering a reference, what will be said, and who will say it. 
  2. Grieve. Take the time, if possible
  3. The job search rules have changed. Learn those new rules. Ignoring them will delay your search.
  4. Hire a guide to help you develop a resume and plot your strategy; and, 
  5. Practice interviewing. Interviewing is where you win or lose a job.

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