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Pablo Picasso, the famed Spanish painter who spent most of his adult life living and working in France, is credited with developing the modern Cubist and Collage forms of painting, surprised two burglars upon returning to his studio following a picnic in the countryside.  They escaped, but not before Picasso was able to see them clearly.  He gave investigating gendarmes a detailed description.  Based on Picasso’s depiction, the police took into custody a mangled bicycle, a hand-crank washing machine, and an oddly shaped lamp. 

The moral of Picasso’s narrative misadventure is that what we say and what people hear, or understand, can be misunderstood.

A common mistake in a job interview is assuming that the other party understands what you are saying.

Without research, preparation, and rehearsal, lots of rehearsal before the interview, you, too, can experience your own Picasso moment.