PRODUCER’S NOTE: When you broach the subject of change, especially changes that will impact careers, people push back.  They even get angry.  What a waste of time. These epic changes are brimming with opportunities for growth and profit.

Why do I need to waste time and money with a career plan? 

If a Fortune 500 CEO posed that question to their board of directors, how long do you think they would last in that job?

A business that does not have a vision, goals, and a plan for achieving those goals usually ends up in the ditch or out of business.

Here are two rock-solid reasons you should develop a plan if you have not already done so: 

  1. The knowledge and skills that got you to today will probably not sustain you in a rapidly changing future.  What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.
  2. McKinsey Global Research has predicted that these changes will exact a $7 trillion impact on white-collar jobs alone over the next 10 years.

Unless retirement is imminent, you cannot believe these changes will not impact your life.

The good news is this forecast is brimming with opportunity.