PRODUCER’s NOTE:  If you struggle with job interviews, I encourage you to email John for a copy of his interview prep tool. It is easy to use, and our clients say it helped build confidence which led to measurably better performance. You can also schedule a free telephone consultation. There is no obligation.

How did you do in the interview? Did it go well, or are you unsure? 

You hope you did well, but… 

As my southern mum used to say, you are left to stew in your juices. This is where jobs are won or lost.

You remember that final exam in college that you aced because you put in the prep time to get ready. You were confident. You felt in control.  

Here is the key to success in a job interview. There is more to preparing than reviewing the job summary and their website. You must rehearse answers to probable questions. When you do, you will be better prepared and more confident. Confidence leads to improved performance.   

There is an easy-to-use confidence-building system to help you prepare. Email me, and I will give you a copy. It’s free. And if you need additional help, schedule a free telephone consultation. I have helped hundreds of executives improve their interviewing skills.