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Click. Click. Click.

Scroll down, click some more.

If you are a job seeker, that is the most inefficient way to find your next better job.

In building a professional network, click and pray, as some call it, is a waste of time.

Networking is a foundational element of career management.  If you do not do this and do it well, you will marginalize your growth potential and almost certainly limit your earnings.

Traditional networking 1.0 became 2.0 with the arrival of LinkedIn on May 5, 2003, a platform that touts itself as the ultimate professional networking site.  Networking 2.0 emphasized electronic connections – you can connect with more than 800 million people around the globe with the click of your mouse.

That is LinkedIn’s greatest benefit and its biggest weakness.

Effective networking is not a passive affair.  It must be an engaging, contact activity with the expectation to form meaningful and lasting relationships.