Let’s start this new week (and your job search) with YES!

Yes, the business climate is changing, and yes, those changes can be unsettling.  Yes, they will impact our careers unless we embrace this change and take advantage of opportunities that will open the door to success.

Most great entrepreneurs and business leaders of today did not come from the snowflakey “woke” culture of UCLA Anderson or with significant debt from the leading business schools – Wharton, Kellogg, or the Harvard Business School.  The list of people who should not have succeeded but did, and built incredible businesses, is long and distinguished.  The majority were not born with a silver spoon.

Here is the excellent news: change levels the playing field.  You do not need to be an elite prep school or college graduate to enter the hall of success.

No, the vast majority were people with an idea who were determined to say YES.