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Companies are hiring, so it is time to revisit two key issues for your job interviews – your content and your image.

Today, we will focus on your image – how you present to potential employers on the telephone and video interviews.

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Are you sick and tired of spending hours of your time applying for jobs online, but then you never hear from the company? Well, you are not alone. It is as if employers changed the rules and didn’t tell you.

That is exactly what they did. More than likely your problem is your resume.

We can help and it won’t cost you anything to learn the secret to improving your chances.

John G. Self, who spent 25 years in global executive search, will be happy to share what he has learned as a recruiter and now as a career transition advisor. He is nationally recognized and is a frequent writer and speaker on this issue. For a free session with John, click the link today and claim your slot. We are here to help.