This is Part IV for Be Job-Search Ready.

Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanual famously said, “Never waste a crisis.”  We have all had first-hand experience with our current national crisis. The tragic and heartbreaking loss of life and the economic carnage on businesses and careers. Now, as we hopefully see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to prepare to capitalize on career opportunities. Be job-search ready.

  1.  Expand your skill sets.  Learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively to advance your brand. Discover how video, especially videos embedded in emails can accelerate our on-line relationships.  This takes time but very little money,
  2. Perfect your presentation skills.  In our post-Covid new normal, the importance of communicating in a compelling and meaningful way is simply golden.  Join a local Toastmaster’s Club. It will be a smart investment of your time with yield great benefits at work.

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