The other day I overheard a reference to “The Dash,” a poem by Linda Ellis.  The first thing that came to mind was that this must be one of those rah-rah bromides about the race to take care of life’s priorities.  While I was kind of, sort of in the neighborhood of the poem’s underlying message, when I researched the author and the background, I saw a distinction with a significant difference.
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Ms. Ellis explained that the dash is that symbol between one’s date of birth and date of death; “it is the time they spent on earth and only those who loved that person will know what that line – that little dash — is worth,” she wrote.

As we begin to emerge from this Covid-19 isolation from family and friends, we can redefine that our time on earth is not about a race but a gift. How we treat this precious gift will define that dash, and in doing so, enrich those we love and support at home and work.

What will your dash say?  What will your legacy be?  Be purposeful.