There is one problem rural and community hospital CEOs can easily solve and it will not cost them much money:  employee, physician, patient and community engagement, building trust.

I know this will come as a shock to many rural and community hospital CEOs, but most of your citizens, deep down, are looking for a reason to support their local hospital.  They want to be proud.  They want to have confidence.  They want to feel secure. They need for you to reassure them about that it is all about them.  They need you. 

It may also come as a surprise that most employees would rather be engaged and committed to the organization if only someone will take the time, use some imagination and communicate. 

As a hospital CEO, along with your employees and physicians, you have a duty to give them that reason.  It is all about communicating quality, safety and trust.  Yes, trust.  We may be in the healthcare business but we are also in the trust-building business.