“Be open to new ideas, new concepts.”

When an executive unexpectedly loses their job their confidence is shaken, any protestations to the contrary. Suddenly they are stripped of an important part of their persona.

Often, as they exit, they grab for anything that will restore their confidence and bolster their ego. Far too often one of the things they try to hold on to is a belief that, as an accomplished executive, they do not need any help in finding their next job. Some will even pocket the financial allowance for outplacement support, mistakenly thinking “I’ve got this.” 

Our experience in both executive search and outplacement/career transitions shows that most do not have it.

In healthcare and other disrupted industries, the job market has dramatically changed. Those executives who think they’ve “got this” — who believe that because they are a good CEO automatically means they are as proficient in looking for that next job —might want to reconsider that point of view. 

“Be open to new ideas and new concepts.”

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