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Here is the rundown for today’s podcast:

 We have a three-pack of career advice.  

Part I focuses on the practice of overwhelmingly unqualified candidates who apply for jobs they know nothing about.  This is a huge problem and is reminiscent of what Monster.Com became.

If you are the world’s greatest out-of-work rock scientist with no experience running a healthcare organization, why are you applying to be the CEO of a community hospital?Do you really think that throwing hundreds, thousands of applications against the wall is a good strategy?  

Part II re-examines why some well qualified candidates door poorly in job interviews.

Part III asks the questions whether you should send handwritten thank you notes following a job interview.  Yes.  

Should you send a text message instead?  No.

If you are a senior executive, the quality of your thank you note card is pretty important.  While Walgreen’s is a great place to purchase prescriptions, it is not the best place to buy brand-defining stationary.

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