Today’s podcast is a follow-up to our Monday post, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.  We reaffirm the financial and competitive value of hiring the smartest best performers available. As the healthcare industry through the era of reform and the added challenge of lower reimbursement, health systems, hospitals and other providers cannot afford not to hire the strongest people available.

We examine the importance of changing your hiring culture and the value of development a talent management plan, an investment that can be recouped in just executive or management transition. This is especially true when it comes to your medical staff.

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Don’t Forget Your Medical Staff

As more health systems and hospitals employ physicians, we should not forget that they then become employees — employees who are central to fulfilling our mission to deliver quality of care and to produce revenue that will support that mission.  So, it is critical that hospitals have a plan to develop and engage these employees as well as options in he unforeseen event of an early retirement, death or disability.  

Losing a physician can financially cripple some rural and smaller JohnGSelf logo_color copycommunity hospitals so it is important to have an immediate response strategy.  

At JohnGSelf + Partners, we can help you develop that plan to expedite recruiting a replacement physician.  We also have the resources to help your medical staff develop a long-term manpower plan to ensure that the needs of your community will be met.

For more information, call John Self, Managing Partner, in Dallas or Laura Merker, Dr. PH, RN, in New York.  214.761.5472.