CHICAGO — As we join with more than 4,400 healthcare executives who are attending the annual Congress for the American College of Healthcare Executives, we are taking this opportunity to unveil our new audio podcast, Self-Pespective, which takes its name and content theme from our long-standing career management blog that is published three times a week on our web site with distribution by LinkedIn and Apple News.

self perspective podcastAs we  talk with senior executives who are attending this conference, there is concern that the quality of the leadership talent pool is slipping, not because of a decline in educational or experiential qualities, but because market conditions have changed and the candidates have not adapted.

“It is disturbing how many candidates we look at are so poorly prepared, from the quality of their resume to their ability to connect with our needs. They do not seem to understand that we can afford to be very selective in who we choose for any executive position and they are doing a terrible job closing the deal”, said a CEO.  His assessment was echoed by numerous other senior executives.

This new podcast will focus on this and other career management issues. We invite your input.

The podcast will debut the first week of April and will broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We will push the podcast link from this site along along with a brief summary of the contact.  If you subscribe to the blog, you will receive a podcast notification and link. The first post will focus on the importance of the resume and how market conditions are driving changes in how that document is constructed.

Executives have busy schedules and they are pressed for time.  Our podcasts will be very focused on a theme and typically will not exceed six or seven minutes in length.  

Self-Perspective, the blog, will continue to publish three days per week, and will focus on a variety of  career management themes in more detail.

LINK to Podcast

This is new technology to our team.  If you have trouble getting to the site, please let us know.  AsktheRecruiter@JohnGSelf.Com.

Thanks for your support over the years.