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The resume writer assigned to me advised me not to include my mailing address on my resume. How do executive recruiters feel about that recommendation?

Ask the RecruiterI think it is bad advice. When recruiters create a database record, they prefer to have all the information. When candidates do not provide all their contact information, it raises a flag. Not red, but yellow. Why would you want to raise a flag with a search consultant?

Your mailing address is important for the vetting process. Recruiters want to know where you reside.

That said, if you are a manager-level candidate living in a metropolitan area, there is an argument to be made that listing your address may raise inappropriate questions about your commute time, and your long-term commitment to the job. But senior level executives should not follow advice better suited for lower level managers.

Here is the information you should include:

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • City, State and Zip Code
  • Telephone Numbers (Delineate Between Home, Cell or Office)
  • Personal Email Address (Never use your company email)
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Make your email and LinkedIn URL links active

If you agree, or have an alternative view, please share your thoughts.

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