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Personal awareness seems like a straightforward proposition.


iStock_000010560711SmallTruth be told, personal self awareness really falls into the category of mysterious.  We all want to believe we are very aware of who we are, ever so sensitive to how we are being perceived.

If only… If only we were as good it as we would like to believe.

Much has been written about emotional intelligence.  Well, I wish we could create a personal awareness intelligence chart.  Sadly, far too many leaders will embarrassingly find themselves ranked somewhere between their blindside and that guy with smelly feet and bad breath.

While the majority of leaders aren’t that guy, this is no time to become complacent.

As you work to build a deep reservoir of support and goodwill with your board, physicians, employees and key stakeholders, tuning in to this self awareness concept is pretty darned important.

Here are five questions to consider when thinking about your self awareness.

  1. Do you regularly ask for feedback from members of your leadership team?
  2. Do you have the trust relationship that will allow them to be honest with you?
  3. Do you regularly make rounds, or hold no bosses allowed luncheons to ask your employees for their candid input?
  4. Do they trust you enough to tell you what they are thinking, even if the truth stings a bit?
  5. Do you have a leadership coach/confidant that you regularly bring in to help you stay on top of this issue?

This is not the time to assume that your employees respect you today and will follow you tomorrow.

Turnover in the hospital CEO ranks is increasing and it is not all Baby Boomers heading for peaceful greener pastures.