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Sports fans love the athlete who has heart.  They revere the woman or man who will sacrifice their bodies, who will push themselves to the very limits of their emotional and physical capacity to help their team, or to win it all outright.

iStock_000009708340XSmallEmployees love and admire the leader who has soul, who is visible, who knows the names of his or her employees as well as something about their personal lives.  They love the leader who is unafraid to display their humanity, day in and day out, demonstrating concern for the success of the company and understanding that it is the employees who make it all possible.

Combine heart and soul with talent, skills and courage and you will see a dynamic combination of leadership energy that, far more often than not, will produce amazing results.

Great leaders do not work their magic only in the corner office.  The dining room table is another important leadership venue.  Being a good leader in the office is not enough.  You must be a good leader at home, for your family. 

I met with such a man on Wednesday.  I have known him for years and I have long admired his values, his talent and skills – his heart and his soul. 

Thanks Joel for being that kind of leader.