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Heaven on earth is an oft-repeated phrase.  Unfortunately, in our digital age this really important sentiment is too often a throw away phrase.

Sweet Home Under White Clouds

Heaven is that place where so many people aspire to be when their life on earth comes to a close.  It is a Biblical destination, an eternal reward for a life truly and faithfully lived. 

Christians and other spiritually minded people who believe that a life of faith, pious sacrifice, and strict obedience are the only keys to the Father’s heavenly kingdom may miss an important part of living if they focus on the eternal life at the expense of the here and now.

We should not work so hard to get into heaven that we miss what we have today – the heaven on earth, where much joy is to be gained from family and friends, the satisfaction of helping others, and of befriending those around us – the people we know, and respect. Nor should we forget the everyday people who play important supporting roles in our lives –the people who clean our homes, cook our food, care for our children, mow our lawns, cut our hair, polish our shoes and clean our clothes.

There is a lot to be said, as I have learned of late, about the joys of heaven on earth. Fortunately, I hit a speed bump and realized that trying to move at the speed of light was a no-win proposition.