The beauty of social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook is that they offer enormous leverage for career management. It is essential to master these so-called social media tools. Whether it be a Facebook or Instagram tool, for an example, Kicksta. But you may ask yourself, Does Kicksta work? The secret it always to check these out online through reviews, to make sure it is a justifiable investment.

Doing a great job, hitting performance targets and earning the respect of your peers, is important, but in the field of career management, it is not enough. You must expand your reach, especially in an industry like healthcare, where government regulation and market reforms give rise to enormous disruption and consolidation.

If you do not have a robust professional reputation that extends beyond your county of residence, you will face the possibility that your career and economic security will get sidetracked.

Becky Pearce, an associate with the Firm, is a former consultant with a DFW-based advertising agency. She is one of a growing number of specialists who understand, in practical terms, social media strategy and tactics and how those tools can enhance an individual’s professional brand. In addition to serving as my assistant, coordinating logistics and operations, Becky is a trusted adviser in helping me expand my own brand.

By forming social media strategies to enhance my reputation as a thought leader in JGS Blog management, blogging and recruiting, I have seen an increase in page views for the Firm’s web site, especially at SelfPerspective, my thrice-weekly blog, and a dramatic increase in LinkedIn and Facebook profile views. Coincidentally, during the first two months of 2013, the Firm has achieved record growth in our executive search and advisory practices.

Increasingly I am asked about our approach to social media and brand management. People are looking for a template, a pre-formed package, but a comprehensive plug and play package really does not exist. But the JGSA team is happy to help.

As you think about your own social media strategy, keep in mind that “one size does NOT fit all.” What works for me, may not be as effective for you. This is still a relatively new knowledge field so do some experimentation; for me it was more about trial and error lessons.

If you have questions, let us know. We will respond here with special posts.

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