Retailers tell me that nothing adds energy to Christmas shopping than a blast of cold air. Apparently colder weather creates the mood for holiday giving, overcoming concerns about the economy.

View from Starbucks, Highland Park VillageI am sitting at a Starbucks located in Highland Park Village. This is one of the oldest shopping centers in Texas. It is located in a wealthy, largely residential enclave just north of Dallas’ center city. Although the skies are overcast and it looks wintery, the temperature is hovering around 80 at 4:00 PM, there are actually women and men wearing jackets and scarfs.

Their attire reflects either some weird pent-up demand for cold weather or they left home when the temperature was a bone numbing 40. Hopefully they had a nice warm home to return to. If not then they should try Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning furnace tune up to keep the cold weather at bay. Oddly those dressed for the impending blizzard are sitting next to gentlemen in shorts, loafers, sans socks, and, yes, sweater vests.

We are well on the way to setting a record high temperature Wednesday, but get out your Alaska winter best, the high temperature on Thursday in Dallas will be 55.

Merchants must be drooling with anticipation.

2012 John Gregory Self